Circles under the Eyes causes: How they develop

Cause of dark circles

Everyone knows them. No one likes them. With dark circles, you always look tired and they destroy even the most beautiful complexion. And it happens so quickly: often a restless night with little sleep or general exhaustion in everyday life is enough to cause the unpleasant dark shadows to appear under the eyes. But then at least you know where they come from. It becomes really frustrating when dark circles appear even in a relaxed, well-rested state. Sure, you can conceal them with concealer, but it would be better to prevent them from appearing altogether, wouldn't it? Here you can find out what causes dark circles and how you can successfully tackle the problem with a healthy lifestyle and the right care. 

What are dark circles anyway?

Before we start with the Eye circles causes you should know what you are dealing with. Dark circles are dark shades of the skin around the eye area, and they are most common and unfortunately most noticeable below the eye. In technical terms, they are called haloing. The good news is that dark circles are rarely a sign of serious disease. Nevertheless, they are always an annoying cosmetic problem. Most of the time, dark circles are caused by translucent blood vessels under the skin. This can be hereditary, but can also be influenced enormously by external factors. 

These are the causes of dark circles

Unfortunately, there are many factors that promote the development of dark circles. Here is an overview of the most common triggers, which, by the way, are also troublesome bags under the eyes can have as a result. 

  • Sleep deprivation: The most common cause of dark circles under the eyes is fatigue, as it leads to a lack of oxygen in the blood. The decrease in oxygen concentration makes the blood in the body darker. The mix of reduced flow velocity, deoxygenated blood and the little fatty tissue under the eyes eventually translates into dark circles. 
  • Nicotine & Alcohol: An occasional glass of wine never hurt anyone. However, if you overdo it with your alcohol consumption, you will quickly get nasty dark circles under your eyes. Nicotine is just as bad, because it worsens blood circulation enormously. Alcohol and nicotine put a strain on the metabolism and thus contribute to premature skin ageing and dark circles under the eyes.
  • Stress: But negative stress and constant strain on the eyes can also cause the problem. Exhaustion causes the skin to lose moisture and form wrinkles that eventually cast dark shadows. The less water stored in the skin, the more noticeable the veins under the eyes shine through. 
  • Wrong diet: Also vitamin, mineral and Iron deficiency are responsible for the development of dark circles under the eyes. It is therefore important to counteract this with a balanced diet. Foods that help particularly well with dark circles are, for example: pumpernickel, sunflower oil, nuts, low-fat meat, fish, kiwi, spelt, carrots, green tea or buttermilk. Drinking plenty of water also helps!
  • Age: Unfortunately, the development of dark circles is simply a question of age. The skin becomes thinner and flabbier, the subcutaneous fat loses substance. As a result, the blood vessels show through more strongly. In addition, the so-called tear trough - a part on the inside of the infraorbital area - becomes more and more sunken with the years, which increases the shadowy effect. 
  • Computer work: Too much work in front of a screen is also responsible for dark circles because it tires the eyes. Poor lighting conditions and reflective displays intensify the effect even more. Therefore, take breaks more often and close your eyes for a few minutes. This immediately relaxes the eye muscles! 
  • Colds: When you have a cold, you are also more prone to dark circles under the eyes, as a cold is usually accompanied by symptoms of exhaustion. 
  • Hyperpigmentation: Too much sunlight can also be a factor. Special pigments called melanins determine the colour of the skin. The more of them there are in the skin, the darker it appears. If these pigments are deposited more intensively in individual areas, this is referred to in medicine as hyperpigmentation. If the eye area is affected by this, it usually manifests itself in the form of blue or blue-grey circles under the eyes

Circles under the eyes due to disease

As described above, dark circles are usually just an annoying cosmetic problem. In rare cases, however, the causes could be signs of serious diseases. Sometimes, for example, a Liver disease the cause. Problems with the thyroid gland, gall bladder or kidneys can also show shadows and swelling under the eyes as accompanying symptoms. For example, waste products that suddenly can no longer be removed can be deposited in the blood vessels under the eyes. The yellow pigment bilirubin, which occurs more frequently in the blood in liver diseases such as hepatitis, can also show through the thin skin under the eyes. Anyone who suffers from severe dark circles under the eyes permanently without stress, lack of sleep or excessive lifestyle should therefore consult a doctor to be on the safe side, in order to determine whether medical treatment is necessary. 

The Eye Circles Cream by Lavule helps!

It is not only through a healthy lifestyle that you can prevent dark circles. Fortunately, there are also good cosmetics that support you in this. We recommend Lavule's high-quality dark circles cream. The product has been specially developed to slow down dark circles and fine lines around the eyes. Lavule contains medicated oils, precious herbal extracts, lots of vitamins and minerals that are activated in the laboratory environment. Liposomal technology ensures the product's penetration under the skin and into the cell, increasing its bioavailability.

Also contained in Lavule are hyaluronic acid, arnica montana, calendula, rabbit's nipple, tooth grass, gotu cola, liquorice root, horse chestnut, golden grass, caffeine, B2 (niacinamide) and rosemary. Thanks to the active ingredients contained in it, the cream eliminates fine lines and wrinkles within 24 hours through the so-called "double cross effect". Within 7 days, Lavule visibly reduces the appearance of new wrinkles. Puffiness under the eyes is relieved. Circles under the eyes disappear. Lavule is a top supplement to a good day cream such as our anti-aging cream Lavuj with an extra portion of hyaluron. 


What is the best way to remove dark circles?

Of course, it's better to avoid the formation of dark circles, but if that doesn't work at all, colourful concealers are the remedy of choice. Because they can be neutralised well with complementary colours. For grey-bluish shadows under the eyes, it is best to use a yellow or orange concealer. 

Is it true that haemorrhoid cream helps against dark circles?

Doctors advise against it. Such creams contain substances that can quickly trigger allergic reactions on the particularly sensitive skin around the eyes. They also make the skin thinner and thinner. So stay away from them and use our professional dark circles cream from Lavule!

What is the best way to use Lavule against dark circles?

For maximum effect against pesky dark circles, Lavule should be applied twice a day, morning and evening, around the eyes by gently massaging it in with the fingertips.

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