What are the causes of Bags under the Eyes?

Causes of tear sacks

Tear sacs can be an annoying visual problem; after all, they distract from the beauty of our eyes and destroy the overall youthful appearance of our face. If you suffer from bags under the eyes, your eyes always look tired and weary, and you are often in a bad mood. Even if you're not in a bad mood. And who wants that?

By the way, bags under the eyes have nothing whatsoever to do with tears, even if the name would suggest it. The bags under the eyes are not tears, but fatty tissue. We explain here what the most common causes of unsightly bags under the eyes are, so that you can prevent them from forming in the first place and what you can effectively do about them if they are already there! 

Why bags under the eyes appear

The bad news is: chronic bags under the eyes are often already predisposed in our genetics. If the predisposition to sagging connective tissue already runs in the family, the appearance of bags under the eyes and also dark circles is unfortunately very likely. This happens especially with advancing age, because the skin loses its fullness and elasticity over the years. And the skin around the eye area is particularly delicate and sensitive, which is why it is usually more affected by tissue slackening. In addition to genetic conditions, there are a number of other factors that favour the development of bags under the eyes. 

  • Eye rubbing: If you rub your eyes often and too wildly (for example when removing make-up), you risk damaging the connective tissue, which causes the skin to sag. So please always be gentle with the eye area! 
  • Stress and lack of sleep: If you are constantly exposed to excessive stress and sleep too little, you also risk unsightly puffiness around the eyes, as this disturbs the lymph flow! At a young age, the body can cope with this lifestyle quite well. However, the older you get, the more difficult it becomes to cope. 
  • Smoking and alcohol: Both nicotine and alcohol are true poison for the skin. Excessive consumption can also be a cause of bags under the eyes. 
  • Allergies: Allergies can also cause bags under the eyes from time to time.
  • Conjunctivitis: It can sometimes spread to the eyelids and cause swelling.
  • Liver or kidney disease: Stubborn bags under the eyes can sometimes also indicate serious liver or kidney disease or even heart failure. If in doubt, go to the doctor!

How to prevent bags under the eyes

Unfortunately, the development of genetic bags under the eyes cannot be prevented. However, age-related bags under the eyes can be combated in a targeted manner. Unfortunately, their formation cannot be completely stopped, as the skin simply loses its elasticity over time. But their formation can be effectively delayed with some means. The right care plays an important role: the sensitive skin around the eyes should always be supplied with sufficient moisture in the form of lotions or eye creams. They support the connective tissue and the sagging is slowed down enormously. We recommend Lavule Eye Rings Cream for this purpose because it offers holistic protection and care for the eye area. Overall, a healthy lifestyle is recommended if you want to prevent unsightly bags under the eyes from forming in the first place.

If you eat a balanced diet, drink plenty of water, maintain a healthy sleep rhythm with at least 8 hours of sleep and exercise regularly in the fresh air, you have a good chance of preventing bags under your eyes from forming in the first place. If you want to prevent bags under the eyes through your diet, you should eat a low-salt, vitamin-rich diet with lots of vegetables and fruit. This has a positive effect on the skin, as it prevents annoying water retention and supports the natural skin functions in the body. By the way, too much exposure to the sun can also promote the formation of water retention. Therefore, you should always use a day care product with a sun protection factor. UV rays promote premature skin ageing overall. It also causes wrinkles and pigment spots to appear. By the way, if you suffer from thickly swollen eyelids, especially in the morning, you may be able to prevent this by positioning your head higher when sleeping. 

We recommend the Lavule Eye Circles Cream against bags under the eyes!

With the right care, you can also achieve a lot! The extremely high-quality Lavule Eye Circles Cream can work wonders in combating bags under the eyes! It supplies the skin with valuable hyaluronic acid, vitamins, herbal extracts and minerals. An instant Botox effect sets in within the first 24 hours, which is convincing! The skin around the eyes looks immediately smoothed, fresh and plump. Bags under the eyes are quickly reduced. And all this without a time-consuming lower eyelid lift!

7 days after application, you will enjoy a visually clear look and a whole new radiance. Wrinkles around the eyes are also stopped in their tracks. Lavule is made without hormones and is very well tolerated. We recommend daily use: Lavule should be applied to cleansed, dry skin around the eyes in the morning and evening. The eye circles cream can be used by both women and men. If you are serious about getting rid of bags under the eyes and dark circles and don't want to undergo a surgical procedure, Lavule is definitely the right choice for you!  

Do I need to see a doctor about bags under my eyes?

If the bags under the eyes are a constant companion that cannot be controlled even with a healthy lifestyle and the right care, it is better to really have yourself examined by a doctor. He or she can determine the individual causes of bags under the eyes, get to the bottom of them and recommend further treatment. Chronic puffiness can also be a sign of illness: For example, liver or kidney disease, heart failure or an allergy could be present. In order to be able to reliably rule out all of these in case of suspicion, it is definitely advisable to consult a competent doctor.  


Do home remedies also help against bags under the eyes?

Often they do. It is always worth a try! We recommend placing a cooled tea bag with green or black tea on the closed eyes and letting it soak in for a few minutes. 

Can bags under the eyes also be removed surgically?

Yes, through a lower eyelid correction. It takes about an hour and is performed under local anaesthetic. The doctor removes the fatty tissue from the tear sac. Before you consider an operation, you should definitely try our Lavule dark circles cream. It is highly effective Cream for Eye Bags, dark circles and wrinkles!

Can lymphatic congestion also be the cause of my bags under the eyes?

Yes, lymph flow is important for transporting nutrients through the body. If it is disturbed, this can show up as puffiness and bags under the eyes. 

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